David Uzozie Anomneze / Nigeria

David Anomneze is a great grandson of late Domingo Louis Mendes a Brazilian descendant . He is a graduate of fine and applied Art University of Uyo . David is a prolific and outstanding Nigerian Sculptor who fines freedom in stylizing his concepts . He is a very restless Sculptor , always experimenting with different medium to execute his Artist Ideas .He works with Fibreglass , Bone , wood , wood sap , crab feasted driftwood , stone , etc. He has taken part in several Art exhibition both at home and abroad , among which are Total E & P Sponsored exhibitions , Alliance Francaise , Human suffering and Environment Degradation , National Gallery of Art , Lagos . Most recently online exhibition, Bolivia 2

11 Expositions virtual international, Co lectiva de escultura art exhibition, workshops in Mansfield/Pennsylvania USA …and many many more … all around the world… at least in

Austria / Europe 2021

“ The story of the creation of a dog ! „

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