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Alexander Tadesse

Was born and grew up in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. followed my art passion after high school and joined Addis Ababa University (ALLE) School of fine arts and design obtained a certificate in fine art. Then later joined Entoto poly Technique College of fine arts for my diploma specializes in painting. Receiving formal training gave me the techniques and academic skills that I needed to showcase my perceptive as an artist. I experiments different art forms such as painting , graphic design and cartoon animation. I had worked for Tamesol communication as a storyboard and background artist in a project named “Abeba and Abebe “, which is an animation film designed to teach children, and animation film for unicef hand washing day program. Participated in group exhibitions at Alliance Ethio- Francaise 2019, laphto Art gallery 2019, Kampala Art biennial Uganda 2014, Afri art Gallery Uganda 2014, art of Ethiopia at Sheraton Hotel, Capital Hotel and spa for the launch of CAPITAL HOTEL’S LIVING LEGENDS IN ETHIOPIAN ART (CHELLA)2014, Radisson blu hotel 2014, Monarch hotel 2014, National theater of Ethiopia 2010and participated on street painting an event that promotes the use of condom organized by “Wise up Ethiopia “. I had also exhibited my works in solo at Guramayne Art center 2016 and the National Museum of Ethiopia 2014 in titled “INSIGHT

‚Semina Worq or Wax and Gold‘; ‚Qine‘; and ‚Andemta‘ are among the richest aspects of the languages of Amharic which is the national language of Ethiopia and its origin Geez. These idiomatic articulations of ideas that are characterized by economy of words are, however, overwhelming in generating a multiplicity of views or images or reactions tied over a single idea. At times, the views or images or reactions originating from the articulations may also suggest points that depart from the theme of the idiom. And of course it’s quite obvious that layered of meanings play amplifying and explanatory role. But, the aforementioned oral aspect of our language has got an influence on how I create and shape the essence of my works. Hence, my works can be envisioned through such visual and linguistic panorama

Mainly living in a globe with enormous diversity in culture, religion and language have helped me as an artist to observe and capture the color harmony and all this diversity brings. As an artist, I focus on developing paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty that exists in our environment and in our self’s. The thing that Intrigues me the most is the way colors play major role in our everyday life. As part of my process before I begin painting, I prefer to observe because in this fast moving world one needs to be there to slow it down and see the perfection in every frame and in every fraction of seconds. I prefer oil paint because it helps me to capture this perfection gradually.

Even in place where dust and poverty dominates you see the boldest dominating colors either in one’s clothing or as a decorative ingredient. I am always baffled by the colorful spectrum that exists in market places, public transport platforms, people expressions in this places and their relationship with nature; I do not merely want to capture the image with my brushes; rather, with careful colorful strokes. The challenge, as with any moment, is not to exaggerate it, instead capture it in all its glory as I perceived it i.e. I want my artwork to speak, not only for me, but for people who are silenced by economic, cultural and political issues.

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