Dereje Shiferaw Worku

Dereje is a self-taught artist from Ethiopia.

His work is not to reproduce what the eye sees, but to capture his own deepest feelings about a subject and to express with twisted lines, forms, and color. Texture and shape are at the core of his paintings.
Dereje Shiferaw is interested in depicting compelling figurative portraits from different generations. His work is a vibrant volume of visual questions on humanity filled with powerful portraits of the black man floating in colourful naïve cosmos. The tribal-like environ painted with a free light-handed flow, is well suited to his selected medium of watercolor mixed medium and innovative treatments which he uses to paint full powerful portraits, probing insects, and all aspects of nature.

Dereje’s work compels the viewer to become physically and emotionally invested in the subject’s story. His painting helps create an intriguing dialogue between the subject and the viewer. His point of focus in the eye, nose, mouth, and hands which is where our emotions are best portrayed. This is Dereje’s 1+1=3…………..philosophy, in recognition of a higher power always present amongst and with us.
Dereje translates these visions through his signature watercolor and mixed media on paper.

Next week Feb 1 – 7

FRENCH (English below):
Dereje Shiferaw est un peintre intuitif et doué, né à Asmera en 1978, dont «… l’amour combiné de l’art et de la nature… a trouvé sa place dans ma vie…» déclare l’artiste avant-gardiste. Nous sommes ravis de présenter son tout nouveau corpus d’œuvres intitulé «በመገኘት ውስጥ» traduit «THROUGH PRESENCE». Ses coups de pinceau audacieux délibérés et sa technique incomparable du pastel à l’huile, créent des compositions multidimensionnelles profondes dans des environnements contrastés allant de la tranquillité à l’agitation. Libre de tout académisme, il va là où rares osent s’aventurer. L’exposition se termine le 18 février.

Dereje Shiferaw is an intuitive and gifted painter, born in Asmera in 1978,  whose “…combined love for art and nature…has found its way into my life…” states the avantgarde Artist. We are thrilled to present his newest body of vibrant works, entitled “በመገኘት ውስጥ” translated “THROUGH PRESENCE,” where Dereje’s deliberate bold brush strokes and incomparable oil pastel technique, create deep multi-dimensional compositions set in contrasting environs from tranquility to turmoil. Dereje is unbridled by any academic pedagogy or formula; hence he freely goes where most formally taught artist dare to venture, making him exceptional. 

Exhibition closes February 18.
Alliance Francaise Addis Abeba



በመገኘት ውስጥ!የዚህ የስዕል ዐውደ ርዕይ አብይ ርእስ በመገኘት ውስጥ ይስኛል በመገኘት ውስጥ ማለታችን በሆነ ግዜና ዘመን ውስጥ ማለፍ ማለታችን ነው ማለፍ ብቻም ሳይሆን በዚሁ በዘመንና ግዜ ውስጥ ራስን አስገብቶ አነካክቶ፣ ጠይቆ፣ሞግቶ አዝኖ፣ተደስቶ፣ተመኝቶ፣ጎግቶ፣ተቆጥቶ፣አልቅሶ፣ስቆ______ በዘመንና በግዜ ውስጥ ማለፍ ማለታችን ነው በመገኘት ውስጥ ስንል መገኘት ሁለት ነው ።በእካልና በመንፈስ በግዜና በዘመን ውስጥ መገኘት አንዱ ሲሆን ሁለተኛው መገኘት በመንፈስ ብቻ በማይታየው በማያውቁት አለም በማያውቁት ግዜና ዘመን ውስጥ መገኘት ነው ።ይህ በመንፈስ መገኘት በአካል የማይታየው አለም ክንውን ነው ። የስዕል ስራወቹ በዚሁ ግዜና ዘመን በአካልና በመንፈስ መገኘት ውስጥ እንደዚሁም በመንፈስ በአካል በማይታየው አለም ራስን አስገብቶ ስሜቶቹን በልብ ውስጥ በማሳለፍ የታስቡና የተከወኑ የስእል ስራዎች ናቸው ። የስራወቹ ዋና ጉዳይ የስው ልጅ ነው የስው ልጅ አካል ብቻ ሳይሆን በእግዜአብሄር አምሳል የተፈጠረ መንፈሳዊም ነው በዚህ የተነሳ ስራወቹ በግዝፈት፣ጥልቀት ፣በወርድና ስፋት ቀርበዋል። ዐዉደ ርዕዩን በምታዬ ግዜ ከስሜቶቹ ጋር በመገኘት ውስጥ እንደምንገናኝ ተስፋ አለን። 1+1=3…..2013 በመገኘት ውስጥ የስዕል ዐውደ ርዕይ አልያንስ ኢትዬ ፍራንሲስ አዲስ አበባ ።

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